Gold glass mosaic tile

Stunning Gold Glass Mosaic Tile

My granite is finally on the way so I have to ramp up my long running quest for the perfect glass mosiac tile for my kitchen back splash. I can clearly see in my mind the tile that I want, just having a hard time tracking it down. My dealer referred me to – the tile in the photo above is getting close to what I’m going for. Have sent an email to find out the exact color of the tile in the photo above, hope to hear back. By eye, I’m thinking its most likely one of the two below.  Most likely Harvest… maybe Cane. We’ll see how good I am at color matching… Harvest glass tile






  Tan Gold Glass tile by SomerTile

And then there are these ones  I found at Overtstock, which are more similar to the ones in my other glass tile for kitchen back splash post.

All so beautiful. How to choose?

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