Dining Room

Sophisticated & Modern Dining Room in Pink, Brown, Black and White


This modern and sophisticated dining room really pops with style, yet this look is really easy to replicate in almost any space, and in a variety of price ranges (it doesn’t have to be expensive!).

It all comes down to color and a few well chosen furnishings and  accessories.

Start with a nice latte-type paint color (milk chocolate brown).  Use sheer white drapery panels, that touches the floor, on either side of all windows, suspended on a black rod-iron curtain rod.

Choose a black-rod iron chandelier – one with crystals like that shown in the photo will add some glam.

Round mirrors are hot right now. They add sophistication and glamor to a room, and are a great way to give your room a current feel.  Here a reflective silver frame on the mirror heightens the sense of glamor, but you can choose from other frame finishes as well – they key here is keep it round!

A rich deep brown rectangular dining table is central to this look. Don’t let budget hold you back –  if money’s tight this look can still be yours. You can get a really great looking table that looks much like this one for $149 at Wal-Mart.  I’m not kidding when I say  no one will know how little you paid. Of course, if your budget is on the higher end, you’ll have endless options to choose from that will enable you to carry out this look.

The dining room chairs are parsons style – a look that’s very current right now, so if you want the look shown here, that’s what you are shopping for. Here, a camel color (brown-beige) was chosen to complement the walls. Again, don’t let an almost non-existent budget hold you back from a redo – chairs like these in either a suede or leather look can be purchased at Wal Mart for $39.99 each.

An elegant area rug beneath the table warms up the space and adds inviting elegance.

If your room has the space, a couple of wing backed chairs in black and white pick up the white from the drapery and the black from the rod iron on both the curtain rod and the chandelier. If your dining room is tight for space, skip the chairs.

What really makes a difference in this room, is the pop of hot pink coming from the flowers on the table (and the toss cushions on the arm chairs, assuming you’re going with those). Hot pink and brown make visual magic together.

In total, you can easily pull this look off for under $500 on the low side. So don’t let a frugal budget stop you from living in style!



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