Small Living Room Decor Using Contrast - black and pink
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Small Living Room Decor in Pink and Black

Small Living Room Decor Using Contrast - black and pink

A great technique for decorating a small living room is to make things pop with color contrast. This can add some terrific visual punch to small spaces and actually make the room seem larger than it is.   Here, a small living room in a 1,000 square foot home comes alive with stunning and bold black and pink contrast. The pink toss cushions on the black leather sofa are an unlikely choice, but they really work!

Every wall is painted the same charcoal hue. The pink pillows, weathered wood, and black leather offer a really interesting contrast in colors and textures.

Featured in Country Living Magazine, this small living room decor scheme was designed by  Euro Trash designer Lizzie Carney for her own tiny 1000-square-foot bungalow in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Here’s some advice Lizzie Carney has when decorating small rooms:  Forget the old rule that white or light walls are a must when decorating small spaces. The new rule in decor: Dark colors create the illusion of depth in small rooms.  Great way to warm up a space and make it cozier too.

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