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How to Turn Your Home Into a Tranquil Sanctuary


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To create a beautiful, soothing environment, start with the basics: de-clutter and get the place organized. An tidy, clutter-free home is a peaceful home.  There is nothing relaxing about having stuff all around you. Too much stuff is an irritant and can create feelings of un-ease. When you remove all the extra stuff that’s sitting around, you create a more harmonious environment.  A principle in interior styling goes like this:  “If it doesn’t add, it detracts”.  In other words, if all those nick-nacks and what-have-you sitting around doesn’t make you say “aaaahhhh” with pleasure and satisfaction when you see it, it shouldn’t be there. Its time to go through your home and get rid of what is weighing you down. Can’t throw it out? Fine (for now). Then box it up and store it neatly in the basement for the time being. You’ll be amazed at how the one simple act of de-cluttering and organizing contributes to a more peaceful, tranquil and relaxing experience within your home.

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