Gold glass tile kitchen backsplash

Gold Metallic Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Gold glass tile kitchen backsplash

I am crazy about metallic glass tile, and this gold metallic glass tile back splash is exactly what I am shooting for to go with the “emerald pearl” (black granite with shimmering flecks of emerald green) granite I have on order for  my new kitchen counter.

Now that our house is ten years old, its time to have a little fun with some new improvements, and the granite was the first thing on the list. We would have installed it when we built the home initially, but we held back since we weren’t sure how long we’d be staying.

Since we’re still here and have no plans of leaving any time soon, its time to do it.

Now I simply have to track down a supplier for those amazing shimmering gold glass tiles…  If anyone knows a source, do leave a comment and let me know!  (Those taps are pretty amazing too…).

UPDATE March 2015

Still on the quest for my perfect kitchen backsplash glass tile. I found these, which are similar, though, still not quite right I think:

Tan Gold Glass tile by SomerTile
Tan Gold From Overtstock

Tan Gold Mosiac Glass tileBamboo Bronze Glass Mosaic Tile

(Bamboo Bronze is from the Millennium Products Gem Series).

Also Similar,From Aliabba:

Bronze glass mosaic tiles

My granite is finally on the way so I have to ramp up my long running quest for the perfect glass mosiac tile for my kitchen back splash. I can clearly see in my mind the tile that I want, just having a hard time tracking it down. My dealer referred me to – the tile in the photo above is getting close to what I’m going for. Have sent an email to find out the exact color of the tile in the photo above, hope to hear back. By eye, I’m thinking its most likely one of the two below. Most likely Harvest… maybe Cane. We’ll see how good I am at color matching… Harvest glass tile








Tan Gold Glass tile by SomerTile

And then there are these ones I found at Overtstock, which are more similar to the ones in the photo at the top of this post (my ideal tile).

All so beautiful. How to choose?


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