Front entry decor in gray paint
Front Entry

Front Entry Decor in Gorgeous Gray

Front entry decor in gray paint


A really gorgeous front entry way in a warm gray looks so inviting. The paint color is Shaker Gray 1594 – Benjamin Moore (flat/matte).

The composition of the mirror behind the console table,  the positioning of those great lamps, and that fabulous glass vase in the center is pure magic.

This gorgeous entryway is by Kyle Knight Interior Design, who shares a great tip for picking paint colors:

“Lighting completely changes colors and paint swatches are deceiving. Because of their small size, it’s tough to pick up on the nuances of a color judging from a swatch.”

When looking at a paint color in a photo, or on the sample card (swatch), you should keep in mind that its going to look different on your walls. In fact, it might look different from one room of your home to the next.You should test your favorite picks right onto the walls before beginning your project in order to know what it will really look like in the room in question. I ALWAYS do this myself. You’re ultimately going to paint over it all anyway, and this is the BEST way to find the color that works best for your room.

Be sure to apply paint samples to multiple locations in the room so you can get a full perspective of how lighting affects the color throughout the room, and also be sure to look at it during various times of the day when the lighting is going to be different… morning, noon, and night.

Another option, which I also personally like to do (if you are squeemish about all those sample splotches all over your walls, is to paint onto scrap pieces of drywall board and then set them up against your walls. Make sure the pieces are a good size, at least 1′ by 1′ to give you a good idea. Then move them around the room. It truly is the best way to pick paint. You’ll always known exactly what you’re getting BEFORE you’ve covered a whole room in the stuff.

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