Dining room easter decor
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Dining Room Easter Decor

Dining room easter decor

Okay, Easter is coming, so time for a little Easter decorating inspiration!  This dining room is so pretty and elegant,  decked out for an Easter celebration with an egg and twig topiare tree centerpiece (reminiscent of a crochenbouche) on the dining table. Another sits on the mantel in the living room in the background . Eggs dangle from twigs in an urn on the dining room hutch. A cozy Easter brunch awaits! Via DearLillieBlog

Easter mantel decorated with wreath and bunnies
Love this really pretty Easter Mantel decor from Better Homes and Gardens.  A round boxwood wreath with two blue Easter eggs dangling from its top is suspended by a powder blue ribbon on a rectangular mirror above the mantel. Candles in crystal holders and potted plants adorn the mantel. At each end of the mantle sits a bunny, one elevated by a crystal candle holder.  Another bunny sits near the center of the mantel, with three large Easter eggs nearby. Notice that the bunnies are not part of a matching set – each is an individual in his own right, and that makes this design extra interesting and gives it additional character.

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