• Powder Room with modern decor
    Powder Room

    Modern Powder Room Decor

    The modern lighting and mirror with wide black frame are what gives this older powder room an easy modern facelift, proving how simple it is to do a bathroom update by changing just a couple of decor accessories.  Mirrors with wide black frames, either round or rectangular, are super-hot right now in decor, in bathrooms, yes, but in other rooms of the house as well – foyer/entryway, bedroom, dining room, hall, living room, basically anywhere!

  • Funky hot pink powder room decor
    Powder Room

    Funky Hot Pink Powder Room

      Love this funky hot pink powder room decor. Why not have a little fun and be a little bold when decorating your powder room? The cool thing is that being such a small room, its easy to change if you decide you don’t like it.  “Your bathroom is a great place to test creative designs. Paint it in a bold color, hang an interesting piece of art, install eye-catching plumbing and light fixtures“. ~ Via lilblueboo.com

  • Luxurious Powder Room Decor
    Powder Room

    Luxurious Powder Room Decor

    Try not to drool over this luxurious powder room decor featuring dark cherry cabinetry by LaWanna Wood Designs with a light colored, curved marble top.  The large wooden frame round mirror above the sink is utterly exquisite and coordinates perfectly with the cabinetry. There’s some fabulous wall covering going on there as well, picking up tones from both the woodwork and the marble counter top.  Black or dark brown taps are the perfect choice to go with the decor in this powder room, and the large arrangement of yellow flowers to the side of the sink gives this room a burst of sunny contrast to bring it all to life.…