Master Bedroom

Brown Bedroom Paint

Bedroom decorated with brown hues
Bedroom decorated with brown hues

Paint colors in brown hues is what makes this bedroom decor so warm and inviting.  A feature wall behind the bed is done in deep mocha, which looks fantastic when contrasted with the light latte colored walls through out the rest of the room. The carpet is a cozy warm-beige short shag that oozes comfort and just begs to be walked on.  Staying with the brown family, the bed is dressed in a shimmery bronze comforter, accented with pillows and toss cushions in shades of brown. For a bit of punch and contrast, a couple of green cushions are thrown into the mix.  The artwork on the wall behind the bed picks up on the brown theme, and looks terrific against the deep mocha of the feature wall. The drapes and wooden shades on the window are a perfect choice in deep brown, and really work well against the light latte wall.

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