Family room with golden wall color
Family Room

Sunny Gold Family Room

Family room with golden wall color

A bright and cheery family room comes alive with the color of sunshine on the walls. This golden tone is a wonderful way to warm up a room, and works especially well when combined with browns and wood tones as seen here with the brown leather sofa, mahogany cocktail table, cherry built in cabinets and mantel. Notice, however, that the trim on the window is white, which also works extremely well with this golden wall color – and proves that all the built-in woodwork and trim in the house does not have to match.


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    Its a color by Ralph Lauren from his suede collection from a few years back. Unfortunately they no longer make it. It is a great color though. Try picking up paint sample cards at your local home improvement store, and then hold them up next to this image on the screen and you should be able to find a similar match. Happy decorating!

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