• Family Room With Dark Wall Color
    Family Room

    Family Room With Dark Wall Color

    A very comfortable looking family room with dark gray walls combined with white trim and crown molding. Light colored (light gray) furniture provides enough contrast to lighten the room up and prevent it from feeling and looking heavy and drab. A light colored area rug and white drapery helps further lighten up the room. A variety of toss cushions on the sofa in browns, green, and white help give the room a comfy, cozy feel. And the lighting in this room really provides the perfect finishing touch – the lamps on the sofa-back table look particularly terrific.

  • Kitchen and Breakfast Nook Decor

    Light Colored Kitchen and Breakfast Nook Decor

    Light colored walls and cabinetry in this kitchen and breakfast nook are matched with medium-dark wooden plank flooring. To prevent the room from looking washed out and stark, dark colored drapes and chairs are combined with pops of lime green accessories that make the room come alive (bar stool cushions, toss cushions for the chairs at the dining table, and glass candle holders on the table).  This kitchen and breakfast nook was from the 2008 HGTV Green Home.

  • Small Living Room Decor With Glam
    Living Room

    Small Living Room With a Touch of Glam

    Glamorous and cozy all at the same time, this small living room has a intimate feel created by the choice of dark colors for the walls, however the light colored furniture  creates some terrific contrast against the walls and helps the room feel larger. A bit of bling is added through some shine on the frame of the round mirror above the sofa, and the sparkling light fixture suspended from the ceiling at the center of the room.  Two paint colors – dark blue-grey matched with dark brown-grey are used for the walls and it looks fantastic.  Tres chic! See more small living room decor

  • Luxurious Powder Room Decor
    Powder Room

    Luxurious Powder Room Decor

    Try not to drool over this luxurious powder room decor featuring dark cherry cabinetry by LaWanna Wood Designs with a light colored, curved marble top.  The large wooden frame round mirror above the sink is utterly exquisite and coordinates perfectly with the cabinetry. There’s some fabulous wall covering going on there as well, picking up tones from both the woodwork and the marble counter top.  Black or dark brown taps are the perfect choice to go with the decor in this powder room, and the large arrangement of yellow flowers to the side of the sink gives this room a burst of sunny contrast to bring it all to life.…

  • Black, White and Blue Bedroom Decor
    Bedroom Decor

    Black, White and Blue Bedroom Decor

    A calm and relaxing mood is conveyed through the decor and color scheme in this bedroom decorated in pale blue, white, and black.  The room gets an injection of glam with the fabulous mother of peal light fixture on the ceiling.   That bed looks sooooo comfy!

  • Window Treamtment

    Striped Curtains in Family Room

    Be bold, be brave – add some drama to your life and your living room or family room with this bold wide striped curtains in black and ivory.  A great way to feel like you’ve given your home a re-do is to simply change up the drapery. It’ll give the room a whole new lift, and you’ll feel great too – and its so easy to do. Photo from The Yellow Cape Cod  If you love these drapes and can’t find them in the store, try a little DIY project and make them yourself.

  • Family room with golden wall color
    Family Room

    Sunny Gold Family Room

    A bright and cheery family room comes alive with the color of sunshine on the walls. This golden tone is a wonderful way to warm up a room, and works especially well when combined with browns and wood tones as seen here with the brown leather sofa, mahogany cocktail table, cherry built in cabinets and mantel. Notice, however, that the trim on the window is white, which also works extremely well with this golden wall color – and proves that all the built-in woodwork and trim in the house does not have to match.

  • Beige, dark gray and white living room
    Family Room

    Beige, Dark Gray and White Family Room Decor

    Beige furniture with clean lines matched with rounded armrest styling looks fantastic in a white and dark gray living room. The beige furniture against the dark gray wall with white trim looks particularly striking – a great combination.  This room would look terrific if all the walls were done in the dark gray with white trim, however, what they’ve done here by combining the white brick feature wall with the dark gray walls works fabulous as well. It gives the room a really bright feel. The burgundy, sage and gray toss pillows on the sofa and love seat are a brilliant accessory choice. The burgundy adds that little extra something…

  • A luxurious bedroom with dark walls
    Bedroom Decor

    Luxurious Black and Beige Bedroom Decor

    A beautiful and luxurious black and beige bedroom palette creates a soothing retreat for rest and relaxation.  This elegant setting oozes comfort and is not unlike that which you would find in a boutique hotel.  I want to crawl right into this room for a little R&R right now…