• Powder Room with modern decor
    Powder Room

    Modern Powder Room Decor

    The modern lighting and mirror with wide black frame are what gives this older powder room an easy modern facelift, proving how simple it is to do a bathroom update by changing just a couple of decor accessories.  Mirrors with wide black frames, either round or rectangular, are super-hot right now in decor, in bathrooms, yes, but in other rooms of the house as well – foyer/entryway, bedroom, dining room, hall, living room, basically anywhere!

  • Mid Century Modern Makeover
    Home Styling

    Mid Century Modern Makeover

    As a home stylist, I was excited to sink my teeth into this mid-century modern makeover project! This one needed to be done on an itty-bitty budget because the owner wasn’t out to create his dream home – he was selling the house.  The home was a former rental property. So the owner wasn’t interested in doing an amazing makeover or renovation, he just wanted the house market-ready. There is so much MORE we could have done with this place, to truly make it amazing, but that wasn’t within the scope of this project. Our job was to create as much transformation as possible on as small a budget as…

  • Gold glass mosaic tile

    Stunning Gold Glass Mosaic Tile

      Contemporary Hall by Carlsbad Tile, Stone & Countertops Oceanside Glasstile My granite is finally on the way so I have to ramp up my long running quest for the perfect glass mosiac tile for my kitchen back splash. I can clearly see in my mind the tile that I want, just having a hard time tracking it down. My dealer referred me to glasstile.com – the tile in the photo above is getting close to what I’m going for. Have sent an email to find out the exact color of the tile in the photo above, hope to hear back. By eye, I’m thinking its most likely one of…

  • Dining room easter decor
    Holiday Decor

    Dining Room Easter Decor

    Okay, Easter is coming, so time for a little Easter decorating inspiration!  This dining room is so pretty and elegant,  decked out for an Easter celebration with an egg and twig topiare tree centerpiece (reminiscent of a crochenbouche) on the dining table. Another sits on the mantel in the living room in the background . Eggs dangle from twigs in an urn on the dining room hutch. A cozy Easter brunch awaits! Via DearLillieBlog Love this really pretty Easter Mantel decor from Better Homes and Gardens.  A round boxwood wreath with two blue Easter eggs dangling from its top is suspended by a powder blue ribbon on a rectangular mirror…

  • Easter mantel decorated with wreath and bunnies
    Holiday Decor

    Easter Mantel Decorated with Wreath and Bunnies

    Really pretty Easter Mantel decor from Better Homes and Gardens.  A round boxwood wreath with two blue Easter eggs dangling from its top is suspended by a powder blue ribbon on a rectangular mirror above the mantel. Candles in crystal holders and potted plants adorn the mantel. At each end of the mantle sits a bunny, one elevated by a crystal candle holder.  Another bunny sits near the center of the mantel, with three large Easter eggs nearby. Notice that the bunnies are not part of a matching set – each is an individual in his own right, and that makes this design extra interesting and gives it additional character.

  • Funky hot pink powder room decor
    Powder Room

    Funky Hot Pink Powder Room

      Love this funky hot pink powder room decor. Why not have a little fun and be a little bold when decorating your powder room? The cool thing is that being such a small room, its easy to change if you decide you don’t like it.  “Your bathroom is a great place to test creative designs. Paint it in a bold color, hang an interesting piece of art, install eye-catching plumbing and light fixtures“. ~ Via lilblueboo.com

  • Fun bedroom decor with bright polka dot walls
    Bedroom Decor

    Fun Bedroom Decor

    A really fun and funky bedroom comes alive with bold color and a polka dot pattern. A hot pink feature wall with white polka dots (wall paper) transforms what could have been a very basic room into one that’s super stylish and full of fun. I love how the neck roll cushion coordinates so perfectly with the feature wall. Love that kind of attention to detail. The white upholstered headboard creates a terrific sense of contrast up against the hot pink wall. From Emily Clark